Taiko for Down Syndrome

This workshop is for self-advocates with Down Syndrome and their family members. It will be led by Performing Members of San Jose Taiko and Sydney Shiroyama, consulting OT.  The practice of taiko drumming originates from Japan, and involves a unique blend of group drumming, dance, theater, and martial arts.  Taiko players use choreographed, full-body movements while striking the drums to create a powerful display of strength and connectedness to others.  The supportive and safe environment at San Jose Taiko's studio will allow for a gentle introduction to taiko drumming and help promote physical activity, group interaction, turn-taking, mirroring of movements, vocalization, and emotional expression through a fun cultural activity.

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$30 per family - includes participation for self-advocate plus up to 2 family members. A parent or caregiver can join to facilitate participation if needed by sharing a drum or participating adjacently, with a max of 3 drums per family. We ask that a parent/caregiver be present while the workshop is in session, if not participating.

Classes will be held at the San Jose Taiko studio: 150 South Montgomery Street, San Jose 95110 (Please park in the lot north of the building. Entrance to the parking lot is from Autumn Street. )

To protect the drums, we like to keep the studio floor clean and request that you remove your shoes upon entering the practice space.  Accommodations can be made if you are unable or uncomfortable doing so.  You are welcome to bring shoes with clean soles ("indoor" shoes) to prevent slipping.  Contact sydney@taiko.org with any questions or concerns.