San Jose Junior Taiko

You don’t have to be an adult to be part of the taiko community. The San Jose Junior Taiko program began in 1985 and is the oldest continually running children's taiko program in the country. Serving students from 2nd grade through high school, the program consists of classes taught by members of San Jose Taiko's professional company who provide young players not only with instruction in taiko but also with opportunities for building creative expression, self-esteem, cultural awareness, and group cooperation.

Since its humble beginnings, the Junior Taiko program has grown to over 60 students learning in 5 progressive class levels. Classes are held September through May, and the season ends with a program-wide recital.

Admission to the Junior Taiko Program is by invitation only. Interested students must take the INTRODUCTORY CLASS in August, where they will learn taiko fundamentals based on SJT's Four Principles. Students who show the required skill, maturity, and enthusiasm will be selected to join the Junior Taiko Program in September. 

Students invited to the Junior Taiko Program will join the beginning-level class on Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm. The first class of the 2018/19 season will be on September 6, 2018. The season will conclude at the Junior Taiko Recital on Sunday, May 19, 2019.


Registration is closed for 2018/19.

Check back in early 2019 for information about the 2019/20 school year. 


If your child would like to take a taiko class in the meantime, they can sign up for the Youth Recreational Class, a beginning-level class for students aged 8*-14. Students aged 15+ can take the Adult Recreational Class. No auditions or previous experience are necessary for either class. More info and online registration are available at the links.

*Or turning 8 in the current calendar year