Taiko for All

In our new program Taiko for All, we’re exploring ways to increase the accessibility of taiko and use it to promote wellness. We’ve teamed up with licensed Occupational Therapist Sydney Shiroyama to lead workshops for people with Parkinson’s and Down Syndrome.

Taiko for All Gathering

Our first ever gathering for people using taiko as a tool for inclusivity and wellness.

Taiko drumming for Parkinson’s

The supportive and safe environment at San Jose Taiko’s studio will allow for a gentle introduction to taiko drumming and help promote physical activity, cognitive engagement, and social support. There is good evidence that exercise slows the progression of this disease and that large movements, loud vocalizations, rhythmic integration, and cardio help decrease severity of symptoms.

taiko drumming for Down Syndrome

This workshop will provide an introduction to taiko drumming which promotes physical activity, group interaction, turn-taking, mirroring of movements, vocalizations, and emotional expression through a fun, cultural activity.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding Taiko for All.